GVA2 sponsors a team at the Lift:Lab


The GVA2 association supports the "GEnIAL" citizen project within the Lift:Lab

The Urban Entrepreneur project is an incubator of ideas initiated about 5 years ago by Lift. It allows projects linked to “the smart city” to move from the concept and idea stage to the concretization and implementation stage.  Through supervised workshops by academics and experts from across the fields of technology, marketing, prototyping, innovation methodology and coaching the Lift:Lab helps to develop projects around three themes: 

1. Food and agriculture

2. Transport and mobility

3. Energy and the environment

After being approached by the Lift team to provide support, GVA2 chose a project called Conversational Responsive City.

This project aims to simplify the link between the citizens and the public authorities by facilitating administrative procedures, whether they are administrative or simply a search for information. A conversational platform will be created which will serve as a basis for the installation of chatbots. Thanks to artificial intelligence and the speed of connections, chatbots make it possible to avoid human intervention to answer practical questions. These will be developed according to the needs of the citizens.

A major innovation of the project is to offer user experiences adapted to all types of profiles (from chat integrated in Facebook Messenger to voice interfaces such as Siri or Alexa) and to allow children as well as elderly to effectively access this service.

Concerning the artificial intelligence and 'machine learning', the project approach is to develop an evolutionary system which will allow the algorithms to be improved according to the opportunities to collaborate with specialized Swiss research laboratories. The idea is eventually to foster the link between citizens through the sum of the information that will have been made available with this system.

The project will also consider all the security and privacy issues in this type of service.

The GVA2 team is very enthusiastic about participating in this project during the Lift:Lab and will continue to support it beyond! We will of course keep you informed of future developments!

Evening on artificial intelligence in partnership with Heidi.news


GVA2 has organized a conference on artificial intelligence in partnership with Heidi.news, the new digital media in French-speaking Switzerland.  

The association invited about fifty of its members to the Bateau Genève for a conference on artificial intelligence. We had the privilege of listening to Dr Sofia Vallecorsa, physicist and head of the CERN openlab, Dr Colin Barschel, project manager at armasuisse for the Cyber-defence Campus (DDPS), Professor David Rudrauf, director of the Multimodal Modelling Laboratory of Emotion and Feeling at the University of Geneva, and Mr Nicolas Capt, lawyer specialised in issues related to technologies, media, e-reputation and online data protection. 

The experts’ speeches were followed by a session dedicated to Swiss startups currently active in fields such as cybersecurity, finance, medicine and law,  which was animated by Fabrice Delaye, journalist at Heidi.news.  

The conference was moderated by Serge Michel, founder and editor-in-chief of the media. A report of the exchanges is available on the links below: 

We hope this evening will be the starting point of a collaboration that we wish to be long and fruitful with Heidi.news and which will undoubtedly offer high quality events to our members.

Luigia for Geneva


Support to the association Scène Active with Luigia restaurants 

In response of Luigia restaurants' request, GVA2 has selected a series of associations to provide financial support and visibility. At the end of the process, the Scène Active association was awarded the prize by a committee composed of representatives of the Luigia restaurants and the GVA2 association. A communication campaign was also conducted in Geneva restaurants and on social networks to give maximum visibility to Scène Active's action. 

This association allows young people who have dropped out of school or professional life to be reintegrated into working life by participating in intensive training in the performing arts. At the end of the yearly program, 75% of young people hang up on full-time or part-time work, apprenticeship (CFC) or training in a higher school (ECG, applied arts, etc.). 

GVA2 is pleased to have supported this initiative and looks forward to continuing the collaboration with Luigia next year. 

Guided tour of Sculpture Garden


GVA2 invites its members to a guided tour of Sculpture Garden

On the eve of the new school year, GVA2 wanted to offer its members and their families a guided tour of the first edition of the contemporary art biennial "Sculpture Garden", to which the association gave its support. An event in a different format from our traditional dinners, since instead of the usual speakers, about thirty of our members were guided through the exhibition, set in our magnificent Parc des Eaux-Vives.

A cultural mediator as well as the director of the event allowed us to understand the artists creations in an enlightened way and to discover, among other things, Carsten Höller's work, which refers to a theory linking the evolution of man and the appearance of human consciousness to the consumption of hallucinogenic fungi... 

The whole team is looking forward to the 2020 edition and will certainly support it!

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Meet the Makers on the Blockchain with Alp ICT


Second Meet the Makers session organised with our partner Alp ICT on the Geneva Boat

For this second session of “Meet the Makers” organized with Alp ICT, we have chosen to meet actors from the Blockchain field.

We had the opportunity to discover the different cases of application of this technology on the Geneva State, thanks to the presentation of Vincent Pignon, CEO of WeCan.Fund and digital advisor to the State of Geneva. A demonstration of the solution developed at SICPA, by Philippe Thévoz, Executive Vice-President eGovernment Systems, offered the participants a concrete visualization of the advantages offered by the blockchain. A demystification of ICO's by Emilie Raffo, Business Manager at Torus Solutions, helped to understand the full potential offered by this new financing solution. A presentation of the numerous cases of applications developed in Geneva within the Fongit, by its director Antonio Gambardella. And finally, a prospective vision of the societal and human responsibilities induced by the blockchain thanks to Jean-Henri Morin, professor at the University of Geneva.

This event took place on the Bateau Genève in the magnificent setting of La Rade and was attended by nearly 60 people. 

Watch the video of this event by Alp ICT 

GVA2 supports Sculpture Garden


"Sculpture Garden", support for the contemporary art biennale at Parc des Eaux-Vives

A partnership was concluded between artgenève/sculptures and GVA2 to support the organization of a large-scale contemporary art biennale that will be part of Geneva's other major contemporary art summer fairs in Europe. The first edition takes place from June to September 2018 at Parc des Eaux-Vives.

To give the event a local and international influence, our association supports the organizers for the fundraising part with the help of our collaborator Renate Cornu. We have raised almost all the necessary funds and are waiting for confirmation from other potential sponsors. 

A vernissage in the presence of Sami Kanaan, Mayor of Geneva, Lionel Bovier, director of the Mamco and curator of the exhibition, as well as officials of the FMAC, partner of the event, took place on 8 June, bringing together more than 200 people. On this occasion we had the opportunity to witness Roman Signer's performance on Le Jet d'eau. A video of the highlights of this event is visible by clicking on this link.